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Preston Gralla Hey, laptop lovers! Simplify your on-the-go life. Here's how
Preston Gralla,
Contributing Columnist,
Monday, March 25, 2002
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Are you a road warrior? Do you take your laptop with you everywhere--on your distant travels, as well as between home and the office?

If so, you need help with things like synching files, making sure your precious laptop isn't stolen, and accessing your office PC when you're on the road. I've found lots of programs at ZDNet Downloads that are perfect for you on-the-go types. Here are three of my favorites.

Save-N-Sync keeps the files on two computers synchronized. This makes it easier to use both a desktop and a laptop, because each has the latest copies of your files. Save-N-Sync also doubles as a backup program. (Shareware/Windows)

PCAnywhere is the all-time best program for accessing a computer remotely. If you're on the road and need to get to files on your business or home PC from your laptop, this software is for you. (Shareware/Windows)

zTrace helps track down your laptop if it's stolen. The program runs stealthily in the background, and every time your laptop connects to the Internet, it tracks your location. Note that this download is free, but in order to use the recovery services, you have to pay a fee. (Free/Windows)

Life's tough when you travel. So try these downloads. They'll make life on the road a whole lot easier.

Know of any other great downloads for laptop lovers? TalkBack to me!

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       Re: Hey, laptop lovers! Simplify your on-the-go l  CC Coyne

       zTrace Program is Great - I just bought it  Mark Venture

       Re: Hey, laptop lovers! Simplify your on-the-go l  Ray Reed

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